The extra macOS modifier key


Put an unused key to work

Convert the caps lock key or any modifier key to the hyper key, all four modifiers combined: ⌃⌥⌘⇧

The hyper key acts as an additional modifier key that you can use in any app with keyboard shortcuts.

Or just remap caps lock to a more useful key.

A lightweight companion for Rectangle and countless other apps.

Upgrade to Superkey

Use your keyboard to click text anywhere in Superkey.

Hyperkey does one thing well. Superkey contains all of Hyperkey and more.


Why can't I record my shortcut with Hyperkey in Keyboard Maestro?
  • Keyboard Maestro's shortcut recorder works a little differently than most, BUT if you just record your shortcut physically pressing all the modifiers, then the hyper key configured in Hyperkey (or Superkey) will properly trigger what you have configured in Keyboard Maestro.
Why don't my key remappings work in password fields?
  • Password text fields in macOS are secure and prevent 3rd party applications from knowing which keystrokes are pressed.

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